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Any purchase of an Enigma Mystery Box is intended to be for novelty and gifting purposes. Enigma Corporation Limited, trading as Enigma Boxes, makes no guarantee or warranty that any of the items in the box meet the expectations of the buyer. Enigma Corporation Limited only guarantees that the buyer will receive a mystery box with items of a value either the same, greater, or less than the listed value of the box purchased.  Enigma Corporation Limited offers no additional guarantee and warranty in respect to the items delivered in each Mystery Box. Enigma holds the right to cancel/refund orders that are deemed fraudulent or are not in line with the operating procedures of Enigma Corporation Limited. Orders placed are fulfilled at random, in a timely but not specified manor, contact with our team will be available throughout the development process, from when the order is received to when the item/items are sent. As each and every box is custom, please be aware that at times of high volumes of sales, lead times can be considerably longer than usual. Due to the nature of the sales, no refund is available on individual items contained within our Mystery Boxes and/or complete orders once the box has been delivered, unless the item is in a damaged state when received, for which proof will be needed. All items are boxed appropriately and wrapped in a safe manor, damages to items as a result of shipping will be dealt with by the customer and the service provider or third party insurance team, assisted by Enigma Corporation Limited where possible. All images used on this site are for illustration purposes only and do not reflect the product a customer will receive.

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